About Me


Hello friends, my name is Serena Tuomi and I am 18 years old. I am a senior in Hibbing, Minnesota and I will be graduating in June! In August I will be moving to New York City to attend The King’s College for journalism! After I graduate from college, my life dream is to move to New York City forever. I will happily live out my days there as a blogger and a journalist, a food lover who is always trying out new cafes, a coffee snob with an unsatisfiable desire for oat-milk lattes, a SoulCycle junkie, and a girl who is deeply in love with the city that she gets to call home.

I am very passionate about eating real food, listening to my body, and living a life of wellness and balance. After being diagnosed with an eating disorder and anorexia nervosa (more about this on my blog post, ‘My Story’), I have been learning to restore my relationship with food and my body. I live by positivity, and had it not been for my disorder, I may have never fallen in love with food and living a healthy lifestyle. I am a foodie who enjoys it all! Most days I’ll eat a salad for lunch because I love vegetables and vitamins, but don’t second-guess my love for desserts and pizza which end up on my plate just about everyday as well. This is where the passion that I have for balance comes from, and where the title of my site got its name. Life is all about enjoying every aspect of your journey! It’s not a black or white experience, its all about the grey. I have also been diagnosed with depression and OCD. However, I have made a decision to not allow that diagnosis to define me or ruin my joy. I have begun to dedicate my life to living mindfully and prioritizing self-care. I try to focus on staying present in the moment and enjoy what is happening right in front of me all the time. I also focus on always feelings my feelings and I have begun to practice yoga and have started daily meditation to support my intentions.

What is the Goal for my Blog?

It is my most hopeful wish that my blog is able to inspire others. I want to inspire all of you in every way possible. I hope you come to my page and leave wanting to love yourself, love others, enjoy life, and feel the joy that comes from living your most authentic life. On this blog you’ll find a mixture of all kinds of posts on matters that I am passionate about: Food, coffee, health and wellness, balance, my hobbies, travel, advice I have, stories from my life… Every and anything that I enjoy in life, that I find valuable, that I feel may be beneficial or exciting to you all… That is what this site is all about!

Some Facts About Myself:

  • I am an avocado toast addict. I order it wherever I go.
  • I am a plant lady. I have over 30 plants in just my bedroom alone!
  • I am a coffee snob! I looove lattes made with oat-milk with LOTS of extra foam
  • I love, love, love dogs (and all other animals…except for bugs)
  • If you’re wondering where I am, there’s a good chance that you’ll find me with my nose stuck in a book
  • I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether I am cooking or baking, using a recipe or just experimenting… It is such a passion of mine!
  • I am a Christian girl with a love for Jesus
  • Ever since I was in 3rd grade, I have enjoyed picture-taking of all subjects (although now-a-days it tends to mainly be of coffee and food).
  • My favorite season is fall. I love the leaves and their colors, the festive activities, the warm drinks, the fuzzy clothes and blankets…
  • I enjoy cozy winter nights where I can cuddle with my puppy near our fireplace, reading a book or watching a movie with some hot cocoa
  • I love to explore new places and want to travel to Europe more than anything
  • I am a very family-oriented person! I absolutely love spending time with my mom, my dad, my sisters, and my nieces and nephews!
  • I am a grandma at heart who loves to go to bed and wake up early