What I’ve Been Loving Lately

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to read posts about other people’s lifestyle! I love to read about their favorite products, their hobbies, their trips, their daily lives… Which is why I decided to write this post today! I have some requests for more lifestyle type posts, so I figured I would give it a shot! For this ‘What I’ve Been Lovely Lately’ post, I have chosen items (some are foods, some are social media influencers, some are books, etc…) that I have been using lately that I am obsessed with and included them in today’s post! Hopefully something in here sparks your interest or inspires you to go out and try something new, even if it isn’t on this list! If they don’t, that’s cool too, then I suppose you will just be getting a small peak into which products I’m enjoying right now!



  • Food Processor: This was a gift that I received for Christmas, and let me tell you–IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! With my food processor I have made so much cali-rice, so many fat-balls, and next on my list are both pesto and hummus!! If you are a foodie, unless you own a Vitamix, you need a food processor! I cannot believe I went so long without one… I have so many recipe ideas written down to make now that I have the right tool!
  • Swell Bottle: There are so many brands of water bottles out there these days, which is so great! Some brands are high-quality, and some just aren’t. Swell bottles are definitely worth the investment! If you fill your bottle with cold water, it’ll stay that same temp forever. The longest I have tested this statement was overnight mind you, but hopefully you’re drinking water often enough that you don’t need to test that theory any longer(;



  • You Are A Badass: Okay so this book changed my life. I am forever a different person because of it. Jen Sincero is so real and raw, and she is also a genius. Her writing is going to resonate with you, and when you finish the book you’re not only going to love who you are and believe that you are a bada**, but you’re going to know exactly how to live your dreams and manifest the exact life you want to live. Just read this book if you want to live your best life ever and want to know how freakin cool you are, okay?
  • The Gifts of Imperfection: Again, another life changer. My therapist recommended Brene Brown to me the first day we met, which was almost a year ago, and I finally picked up one of her books a few weeks ago…I now own almost every book she has written. Brene is so smart, so relatable, and so inspiring. Within this book she talks about imperfections (which we all have), shares with us the gifts that come from our imperfections, and explains how we can live our most authentic, wholehearted life from a place of worthiness. Again, another must-read. (Right now.)
  • Yoga Girl: This book is a few years old. The author, Rachel Brathen, has grown quite a bit and her life has transformed quite a lot since she wrote it. However, this book is still full of so many beautiful truths and you get an amazing picture of her history and how she got to where she is now. Plus there is so much in here about yoga, manifestation, and so much more. Even if you’re not interested in yoga, I suggest you give it a read anyways.
  • Food Freedom Forever: Before you think, “I have never had an issue with food, this book isn’t for me”, I think you should reconsider. Personally, I believe that everyone in our day-and-age should be at least somewhat aware about the concepts of dieting, disordered eating, eating disorders, healthy exercise, etc. We are living in a  diet-culture obsessed with physical appearances. The UNC School of Medicine conducted a survey on eating disorders and disordered eating and found that 3 OUT OF 4 woman have disordered eating habits, and that was in 2008!! These numbers have only been rising since then, so just keep in consideration that any thoughts, even the most innocent-meaning such as: ‘I’m going to skip lunch because I’m going out to eat tonight’ or ‘I would order that, but I bet there are so many calories in it’ or ‘I was so good for eating a salad which means I deserve a brownie’ are all disordered eating thoughts. Just keep that in mind.



  • Kayln Nicholson: Kayln is so cute and is living such a dream life. She is Youtube famous, Instagram famous and has an amazing blog. She loves coffee, she is vegan, loves to read, adventures all of the time, she is a yogi, is always super stylish and redecorating her apartment, and she is so curious and is always exploring new ideas and paths of life. I cannot ever get enough of her amazing lifestyle content.
  • Sarah’s Day: Sarah is Australian and her accent is the best. She is a wellness and fitness Youtuber. Her vlogs are all about her life and that of her boyfriend, Kurt, with whom she is always adventuring the planet with, laughing next to, and living her dreams along with… (They will become your new #goals)
  • Cambria Joy: Cambria is a Christian Youtuber and she is so real. She isn’t afraid to talk about her life, struggles, highs-and-low… I love her vlogs! She is always with her new husband Bo and they are always together doing something fun or just living life. She always has encouraging Christian messages and will inspire you to always stay on your walk with God.



  • Yoga: My new obsession. I wouldn’t call this an activity but a lifestyle. Yoga is to unite your body and your mind, something that you are to carry out in everyday living, not just on your mat. Yoga has been so grounding for me. It has allowing me to learn to love my body and myself; I have really been able to connect to my body and my true self. When you’re focusing on the connection to your breath and focusing on the world in the here and now, your perspective changes. I think yoga is for everyone. It will change your attitude, it can change how you live, it can strengthen your relationships (with God, with yourself, with others…), you’ll learn how to slow down and enjoy the little things…just try it and then you’ll see!
  • Meditation: One of my intentions for the year was to begin meditating everyday, and I have been able to about 50% of my mornings so far. The point isn’t the amount of times I have meditated, but the life-changing experience that it has been. Sitting in silence, connecting with your breath, and just being (sometimes with a focus or intention, sometimes not)… it is such an amazing way to start my day. It calms me, allows me to feel as though I am real and I am enough, and it is a powerful reminder to slow down and live in the moment because life is so fleeting! I usually take this time to send gratitude and be thankful for everything God has blessed me with.
  • Long Walks: This will always be a favorite activity of mine as you all know. I love walking! Especially as I continue in my recovery, walking is a staple way for me to move my body in a healthy way! Walks are so therapeutic. During my walks I love to enjoy my little dog’s cute-ness, listen to my favorite podcasts, and sometimes I just practice mindfulness. I love to walk in silence and connect with nature, enjoying what is happening in that exact moment.
  • Cooking: I have gone through slumps in the kitchen, but right now I am on fire! I have spend hours and hours in the kitchen the last few days! The other days I made a soup that I filled with carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, spices, onion, and this amazing grass-fed, organic stew meat from a local farm in Minnesota. I began with a recipe but then kinda just ran off on my own and it turned out soooo good! Along with that I finally baked salmon for the first time the other day (not sure why I haven’t ever before because I am obsessed with salmon…) and it is basically gone. I also love to do a lot of veggie-roasting while having dance parties.



  • Hot Cold Press: This is a Caribou Coffee beverage that I have been ordering on repeat. It is steamed cold-press (iced coffee). Iced-coffee, in my opinion, has a beautiful rich flavor that is always perfect and I love to order it steamed, making it a regular hot cup of coffee (but better).
  • Medium Roast with coconut milk: This is my go-to at home! I have been making this amazing medium-roast we have here, and then I add full-fat coconut milk… You can’t go wrong!
  • Salmon Bowls: My dinners lately have been my salmon (roasted in EVOO and salt and pepper), along with other veggies and side-dishes. Last night it was salmon, kale roasted in EVOO, plus cali-rice which I cooked in ghee and then cantalope on the side (my favorite!!).
  • Apples and tahini: Tahini is ground roasted sesame seeds. I tried this first in Chelsea Market in NYC, and I was obsessed… I have been downing a jar of it that I bought just days ago and I am not sorry. (I love to massage kale with tahini or dip fruit into it!)
  • Bone Broth: Another new staple of mine I tried first in NYC (I love you New York City) that I have been drinking everyday since. It is soooo good for you! Bone broth is amazing for your skin, for your gut, your joints, and so much more! Plus it tastes amazing, so a win-win in my opinion.
  • Ghee: I have been a ghee-lover forever, but I have recently been into it more than ever. Ghee is a clarified butter that has had the milk solids removed. It has an amazing flavor which most describe as ‘nutty’ and very buttery too. It is so nutritious with benefits for your your bones, digestion, inflammation…
  • Primal Foods Kitchen Mayo: This mayo is addicting! It is made from cage-free eggs, vinegar, avocado oil… It is a whipped mayo that is gluten and dairy-free (if that pertains to you) and it is an addition you should make to any meal!



  • The Balanced Blonde (Soul on Fire): If you’re not familiar with Jordan, she is a lifestyle blogger who is all about yoga, wellness, self-care, holistic everything, travelling, crystals… Her episodes are SO inspiring because her mission is all about how she set her soul on fire and she interviews guests who have done the exact same for their lives.
  • Wellness Realness with Christiana Rice: Christina is so real, she says exactly what she feels about anything at anytime. She is so funny and her podcasts is so her. It is all about wellness, fitness, life as an entrepreneur, blogger and health coach.
  • The Chasing Joy Podcast: Definitely my all-time favorite ever. Gorgie is the cutest and sweetest person I think that exists. Her conversations are focused on wellness that will “…bring joy and energy into your life.” (Part of her intro.) She always has the most amazing guests on the podcast as well who are always so fun and intriguing!


Those are all of my favorite everythings right now! Let me know if you try anything out and how you like it! Also, message me if there are more categories you would like me to add such as Instagrammers, clothing brands, etc. I will definelty be doing more of these in the future, it was so fun to write about the things that are lighting up my life right now. I hope you can find some joy in some of these foods/hobbies/items as I have! Have a great day everyone!


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