My Goals for 2018

Going into a new year, I don’t like to sets resolutions where I plan to totally ‘change my life’ or implement a new habit that ‘I plan to accomplish everyday no matter what because it will change my life forever’. Using that type of thinking tends to set people up for failure because, as humans, we can’t always be perfect and live up to these amazing expectations 24/7. So as I go into this new year, I created a list of goals that I would like to refer to as this year progresses. It is a list of intentions I have, ones that I hope to accomplish, but nothing that I would ever force myself into, or punish myself for if I weren’t able accomplish one, or many. These are all practices that I believe will allow me to live my happiest and healthiest year in 2018, which is why I chose what I did! However, if I find that there is something that isn’t working for me, or that I just can’t find time for, I won’t be upset! That’s the beauty of intuitive living: I get to listen to my body and my mind and decide what is serving me and what is becoming a burden! If needed, I can cut-back, or totally cut out, one or more of these goals, or I can continue them and possibly implement more if I find another habit that I believe might benefit my life! There is no comparison here, I am just listening to my body and paying attention to myself and my feelings, and I am happier than ever! I encourage you all to end the game of comparison, and instead, find what works best for you… Yay for listening to our intuition!

Below is a list of all of my goals for 2018. If one or more of them sound like they may benefit you this year, I encourage you to look into them! However, I am sure that not all of these will resonate with you, and that’s okay! We are all different from our neighbors and our bodies work completely different. Typically when I decide I want to try something new, I like do some kind of research beforehand to make sure that the goal is truly a healthy one, one that has positive outcomes, and one that I believe will benefit me in the end. So if any of my goals, or anyone else’s, sounds intriguing, I think you should consider trying them, but only if they will be a healthy addition to your life!

I would like to also encourage you all to think about writing down a few goals for yourself to refer to this year! Whether they are ideas you get from someone else, or a list of goals you create, I truly believe a new year is a great time to try new practices. You’re not committing to these goals, there is no tie to them, if they aren’t for you, then you can let them go at any time! But, if you find that they are improving your life, making your daily life more exciting, that is just a plus!


My Goals for 2018:


  • Drink more water

I am working on waking up and immediately drinking about two to four cups of water before any coffee or eating breakfast. Then I continue to drink water regularly throughout the day, for a total of about ten glasses of water by then end of the night. Hydrating right away in the day is so great for your body, and I always feel 100% better everyday that I do!

  • Read a chapter of a book everyday

Reading has always brought me so much joy in life! However, unless I make time for it, it seems that I never pick up a book because I always am able to find something else to do instead! That is why I’ve begun to include reading a chapter of a book into my morning routine everyday to make sure that I get the chance to do what I love!

  • Sleep More

I am really working on getting more sleep at night by listening to my body and going to bed whenever my energy is beginning to drain. Somedays that means I am in bed by 9pm, and other nights that may be 11pm. Whenever I try to fight my body and its needs, bad things happen, and so that is why I am done fighting! I notice that I am so much happier and feel better when I sleep according to what my body is in need of.


  • Continue working to rid myself of the diet mentality and eat intuitively

As you all know, I have been working at food freedom for SO long now! I am happy to say that I think my battle is on its last leg! I am working through a few more bumps in the road, but I have come so far and I truly think I am almost done with this fight. I plan, of course, to do another update soon, but I am working my butt off to become an intuitive eater and listen to my body! Along with that I am working so hard to rid myself of the diet mentality and fight diet culture daily, because we all know that this society is full of it!


  • Live a balanced life

I am working to balance my eating, my exercise, how I spend my time…etc. It is perfectly perfect (and healthy) to have cookies for breakfast and then eat a salad for lunch. It is also totally healthy to go for a run one day and then not exercise at all the next if your body needs a rest, or if you simply don’t want to! In all aspects of life, balance is key. Life isn’t constant, nor is it black and white…life is all over the place. That is why you just need to learn to listen to your body and respond to whatever you need in your current situation in life.


  • Become a vegetarian

This goal is one that I have already basically implemented, but I am very lenient with it and I would like to make it more of a ‘solid’ thing. REMEMBER: This doesn’t work for many, nor do many agree with it, and that is totally okay! This is just a goal of mine that I believe will benefit me, that doesn’t mean that it would benefit you! I absolutely love animals, and I have noticed that when I eat more plants and less meat, I feel so much better both physically and mentally! I gave this a shot before, but for the wrong reasons. Now I plan to go vegetarian again, but this time, it’s for my health, for the environment, and for the animals! (For anyone who is more curious, some specific benefits include: reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cataract development, obesity, strokes, kidney stones, high cholesterol, and more. This diet can also be shown to reduce global warming, the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in our world, the amount of methane, the rate of pollution, land destruction, wildlife destruction, the use of water, the use of chemicals, growth hormones, etc… There are many more, but I don’t want to push this very controversial topic on anybody! However, I get many questions on this topic so I figured I would put all that in here to educate anyone interested!)


  • Move more mindfully; specifically through walking and yoga

These past few years, I have put my body through a lot! I have exercised very vigorously, sometimes weeks on end without giving it a break, which is why I am trying to incorporate movement that feels good and will still allow my body the movement it deserves. I love moving, but in ways that aren’t strenuous. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy running and lifting, but I will be working on balancing the amount of that kind of exercise that I do with more mindful exercising!

  • Live mindfully

(Or practice being mindful daily!) This can be done many ways! For example: focusing on your breathing for a few minutes, paying attention to your feelings is a huge one, staying off of your phone for a day, focusing on one task at a time, and many other ways. I don’t know about you, but I have gone through so much of my life without truly living it! In our world today, it is so easy to miss out of life! People are always on their phones, multitasking, pushing away their true emotions…what happened to eating your dinner with your family at the table? Or having a lazy day? Or enjoying the people around you rather than the friends on Snapchat? I do believe there is a time and a place for everything, but I know in my own life I have strayed from my belief of living in the moment, and I plan to get back to that.


  • Meditate daily

This is basically something that I am putting in place to help me become more mindful! Taking a few minutes a day to breathe, to think, to use the app Headspace or Calm for a real meditation session, etc. can be so beneficial! When I start my day of with ten or so quiet minutes, I am such a better person! I am able to connect with my feelings, to slow down and relax, I feel better and more grounded… I can’t recommend that you try this one enough!


  • Spend more time in the kitchen

I love to experiment in the kitchen! It is so much fun to cook for your family or to bake treats for a friend! Trying new recipes is always such an adventure! Being in the kitchen can also be such a stress reliever for me! I am learning to love food, and it makes it so much more personal when the food that you are eating is some that you made yourself!


  • Continue to grow spiritually

As you all know, I am a Christian who believes in Jesus! However, when people seem to think of religion, immediately rules come to mind…and it can be a turn off. In reality, religion, for me at least, is a relationship, not a rulebook. It isn’t about rights and wrongs, but about growing with God, my creator. Having a relationship with him gives me purpose, it gives me a place to turn intimes of sorrow, or in times of happiness, it gives my life meaning, and it allows me to continually thank Jesus for what I know he did for me on the cross.


  • Spend a lot of time with my family

As I get older, I continue to realize that family is all you really have. I have been through a lot already in my lifetime, and through it all, I have always had my family to turn to. Friends come and go, life changes, jobs are off and on at times, relationships are tough… but my family, especially my sisters, are my best friends! I know that anything could happen to me, and no matter what, they will always open their arms, turn on their coffee pots, and welcome me despite everything else.


  • Work on my blog

This blog of mine has truly become a strong passion. I love to write, and more than anything, I love to help other people. Having the ability to use my writing to help others has been a dream. To accompany that, I love to just write for fun and enjoyment as well! I have SO MANY IDEAS for this blog and the directions I’d like to take it! I just haven’t had much time to sit down and work on it because I have been so busy, especially now that college has begun again. However, I do plan to dedicate time on my blog the next free weekend I have! I also know that after I graduate from high school this spring, that this summer my blog is going to fly! I am so excited to continue on my journey with writing, and I am even more excited to take you all with me!


So those are my goals for this year! Some of them are more specific than others, some are daily, where some are more in their own time…they all differ in their own ways! These habits are ones that I have put thought into, and that I am excited about because I believe that they will benefit my life and turn 2018 into a year better than I could ever imagine! Once again, I am going to leave you all with the challenge to find some goals for yourself! Making a list such as this can truly change the way you live! It is so easy to just keep on following your normal daily routine and never challenge or push yourself! Even if you attempt to implement one new practice in your life, it could really be much more of a blessing than you might realize! With that, I wish you all the best possible year!


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