Food Adventures in NYC

Happy 2018 friends! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends, or maybe by yourself if that is your style! My next post, I am guessing, will be a list of my goals for this upcoming year. I’d like to give you all an idea for what I hope to accomplish and to inspire you all to set some goals for yourself as well, or maybe to give you some ideas for things to add to your already-in-existance list! For today, however, I am sharing my ever-awaited post that details all of my favorite meals and treats from my trip to New York City in December! I so enjoyed eating and writing about all of these different foods, drinks, and sweets and I sure hope that you are able to enjoy reading about them and admiring their alluring profiles!

I also wanted to give you guys a little heads-up that there will (hopefully pretty soon) be some changes coming to my blog! As time goes on, like anything, I am growing and changing, and so I am planning to do the same with this site! I want to organize it more and also find a more defined focus for the type of posts that I am writing! I am also hoping to start writing a few different types of posts as well… We’ll see what I decide!

For now, without anymore waiting, here are all of my favorite food adventures from my trip to New York City!



Bluestone Lane


Bluestone is the cutest cafe there ever was! They have many locations throughout NYC, and I have made it to three! I ordered the ‘Sweet Potato Toast’ every time I was there in December, I couldn’t get enough of it. The first time I ordered it I added seasoned avocado and the second time I ordered it with a poached egg on top. The flavor of the toast is so unique! The sweet potato spread has such a sweet, but not sugary, flavor that so smoothly complements the thick toast.


Hu Kitchen


“Get Back to Human” is at the core of Hu Kitchen and that is why I love this place! They have a LONG list of the types of foods they use and how they prepare their food. Amongst that list are 100% grass-fed, pastured beef, organic eggs and poultry, wild-caught fish, they cook using minimal grains, and they make everything from scratch. They have a very long list of things that they don’t use in their kitchen such as preservatives, soy, gluten, GMO corn, etc. When I was there I ordered the meatloaf, root vegetable mash, and a grilled kale salad. I haven’t had red meat for years, but because I knew that the meat I was eating was humane and safe of antibiotics and other chemicals, I went for it. My whole plate was amazing! I especially enjoyed the vegetable mash which had a nice sweet flavor to it from some squash and sweet potato! I bought some of their house-made chocolate as well that only had four ingredients, and it was the BEST chocolate I’ve ever eaten!


The Butcher’s Daughter


This vegetarian cafe has a very edgy style that I resonate with. Their service isn’t the best, but the food is seriously amazing! Their avocado toast had a very different flavor profile to it. The avocado was mixed with lime, cilantro, and some other spices and then was topped with mustard seeds. Not to mention small bits of onions sat between the bread and the avocado spread that made for a more complex taste with every bite. I really enjoyed it! It was definitely a bit different, and I am not sure that I would choose it over a more traditional avocado spread, but it was still really good!


La Colombe


I made quite a few stops amongst all their different locations in the city for coffee at La Colombe. No matter which cafe I went to, they had baristas that knew what they were doing! They nailed not only the traditional drinks but also had some amazing specials. My favorite was their on-tap ‘Draft Latte’. You know how you go to a bar and they serve beer that is right behind the counter on-tap? Well La Colombe has an on-tap latte just like that that is to die for! The latte can be ordered plain or mixed with their on-tap iced coffee. I tried it both ways but definitely enjoyed the plain latte most. The latte was light, fluffy and had a chocolatey taste that resembled a milkshake!


Springbone Kitchen


Another ‘real-food’ restaurant that killed the game. They specialize in bone broth for the health benefits that it offers! Bone broth is know for the collagen, gelatin, amino acids glycine, proline, glucosamine, etc. that it contains. I ordered the ‘Liquid Gold’ bone broth that is made with classic chicken broth, organic coconut milk and turmeric. It tasted as though I was drinking the broth of chicken noodle soup, and because it was a very cold day, it was a perfect drink that made my insides feel as though they were 100% protected from any possible chance of the flu. I then ordered the ‘Spaghetti’ and Meatballs’ for my meal which were zoodles with grain-free 100% grass-fed meatballs, tomato sauce and organic parmesan. To finish the meal I ordered the carrot fries which were better than any sweet potato fries I have ever had. I would come back here for lunch everyday if I could. They took some of my favorite comfort foods and turned them very nutritious in a delicious way!


Dominique Ansel Bakery


This was one of my ‘must stops’ for ‘fun’ foods. This bakery is known for Ansel’s ‘Cronut’ which is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. Every month the bakery has a featured flavor, and for December they were baking eggnog-flavored Cronuts. It was extremely flaky, coated in sugar and cinnamon and had a luscious layer of caramel-flavored cream in the center of the pastry. It was a little bit over-sold, in my opinion, but I would still go again given the chance! However, if I were craving one, I would personally rather just have a croissant or a plain doughnut!


Irvington Coffee Roasters


My family and I made many stops here the first time we came to NYC, and I did the same my second time to the city. They have the smoothest oat-milk making for the best cappuccinos and lattes that are have a very deep flavor to them!


Coco and Cru


An Australian inspired cafe with a diverse menu. I went for dinner and it was a very classy little place with candles and flowers on every table. I ordered the ‘Green Bowl’ that came with broccoli, spinach, kale pesto, ancient grains, avocado, poached eggs and I added mushrooms. Nourish bowls like this are my FAVORITE. I love when there are so many different elements to my meal because I love to mix’n’match flavors, combinations, textures, temperatures, etc.


Two Hands


As I mentioned in my first post, I love this cafe! The style here really resonates with me. The waiters and waitresses all have a cute ‘hipster’ vibe and the place itself is very minimalistic with lights and some other small elements. Their scrambled eggs are THE BEST I’ve ever had! I am not usually a fan of scrambled eggs, I tent to opt for poached, but these eggs were so fluffy and smooth! I couldn’t get enough of them!


The Chillhouse


Again, I talked a lot about this place in my last post, but I just wanted to mention it again! I ordered their ‘Glow Me Out’ latte. You wouldn’t expect a coconut latte with elements like ube and goji to be as amazing as it was, I expected it to be too much, but all the ingredients complement each other very well!


The Broken Coconut


This small cafe/restaurant place was one of my favorites. The employees here were a bit rude, but the food made up for it! I ordered the sweet potato fries and they went well with the ‘Vegan Delight’ bowl that I ordered. The bowl came with japanese eggplant, whipped purple yam, crunchy chickpeas, sauteed pea shoots, pickled daikon and I added some shrimp! The flavors in this bowl were INSANE. I am not sure what sauce they used to saute the shrimp with, although it was a bit salty, it complimented all the vegetables perfectly, giving them a bit more flavor.


Seed and Mill


This small stand in The Chelsea Market offer ice cream of only one flavor that it extremely unique thanks to the goat milk and sesame tahini that it is made with. I had it topped with halva, which is a crumbly cake-like substance made of tahini and sugar that just melts in your mouth, freshly milled tahini, which is made from ground sesame seeds (so it is just like sesame butter) , and it was all scooped into a handmade pumpkin-spice cone! I don’t quite know what to say except ice cream will never be the same.


De Maria


A hip cafe with an inspiring atmosphere that I have read lots about, so of course I had to! I went for breakfast and ordered some banana bread that was amazing! The bread was extremely flavorful, full of chunks of banana, coconut, ginger and the edges were packed with flax and other seeds that added a crunch factor! Then came ‘The Tiger Bowl’ which I had seen all over Instagram. The bowl came with coconut grains, house-cured salmon, avocado, black sesame, hijiki, leche de tigre and I added a turmeric poached egg. Can I just ask: Where the heck have coconut gains been my entire life??? I seriously have been craving them since I have gotten home and need to make them very soon!


Levain Bakery


Levain is my favorite place for cookies in this entire world. I have had four cookies from this bakery and would probably have one daily given the chance. The cookies there are SO THICK! They are not only extremely thick, but they are so soft and chewy (my favorite type of cookie), and they have so much flavorite. I have gotten the dark chocolate cookie with peanut-butter chips everytime, and the chocolate is so rich and pairs perfectly with the peanut-butter. It is a literal dream.


Dig Inn


Eating here was one of my favorite meals because I got to meet Sam for the first time! We came here because it is a chain, making it faster, that serves food from locally-farmed partners. All of their food is seasonal, is very healthy, and most of what you get there are vegetables! I think that eating veggies can be really boring sometimes, but if you know how to cook them, with the right methods, seasonings, sauces, and pair them right, they can be so tasteful and versatile! I got sweet potatoes, sauteed apples, maple cauliflower, a kale base with mint and had some salmon on top! This place could seriously turn anyone vegan if you’re interested in that, it was to die for!




This cafe made for my last breakfast! I ordered the ‘Golden Folded Eggs’. The meal was huge! It was a bowl full of peas, a greens salad, smashed avocado, fresh chili, it came with prosciutto which I subbed for mushrooms and I added sourdough toast! It made for a perfect meal to mix’n’match flavors and such again! The eggs resembled the eggs I ate at Two Hands and tasted even better mixed with all the veggies in my bowl.




I wasn’t actually planning to come here because I was told the lines are insane, but when I stumbled across it at 9:30 am and it was empty, I had to make this epic foodie stop. (I guess most people don’t start their day off with cookie dough? Weird.) I sampled four different doughs, and all were so delightful. Just being here made me feel like a kid! I settled with the ‘Confetti’ flavor which was so yummy! I got the smallest size, and it was so perfect for a taste of the dough without having a sugar crash.




I have eaten at SweetGreen more times than I could count! It is a salad and nourish bowl chain that serves healthy, seasonal and local ingredients. I always go for the ‘Build Your Own’ option so I can’t really recommend too much! I always try new combinations! Although, I can say that I get the sweet potatoes every time because they are very soft and flavorful!


Citizens of Chelsea


If you are into avocado toast at all, I am sure you have seen photos of the epic avocado toast dish that is served up at this cafe. I have only seen photos in my Instagram feed about a million times, so it made it to the top of my list for ‘musts’. They mix the avocado with citrus, cilantro and feta which is spread onto sourdough. The toast is decorated with beet hummus, pumpkin seeds, pickled onions, watermelon radish and then I added a poached egg, of course! The many elements came together to make a classic toast dish! I found that the citrus added a sweet effect to the toast and then was balanced by the veggies and feta to give it that savory side as well!


The City Bakery


That liquid dripping from my spoon is solely the hot chocolate, not at all the marshmallow.

Alright, so this was one of the most memorable places that I have ever been for a beverage. In fact, it is the most memorable ever! The strange part is that it wasn’t for coffee, but for hot chocolate! I ordered their classic hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow. The hot chocolate was SO RICH that it filled me up like I had just eaten a full meal, but in the best way possible. I swear that the drink was pure chocolate because when I took a scoop in my spoon and then let some drip off, it was so thick, and I truly couldn’t believe my eyes! The marshmallow on the other hand, was so light and fluffy! This drink was truly its own experience that changed me. I don’t think that I will ever be able to drink hot chocolate again until I go back, it was that good.


By Chloe


So I am completely obsessed with By Chloe. This is a fast-food chain that serves healthy food that is 100% vegan. Every location does lunch and dinner foods and some also offer breakfast and desserts. I stopped twice during my trip, and both times I ordered their sweet potato fries (I know, I am pretty predictable). The fries here are always half crispy and half soft so you get the best of both worlds, and dipped in the beet ketchup, they are addicting. Like you think that ketchup is good? Wait until you try CHloe’s ketchup, and not to mention it is made of veggies. Then I ordered their ‘Whiskey BBQ’ sandwich both times. The sammy contained smoky portobello mushrooms and seitan, onion marmalade, grilled pineapple, sauteed kale, bourbon bbq sauce which was all placed on a potato bun. I have also had ‘The Guac Burger’ and it is so crazy eating here, you would never guess the food is vegan, but it is, and it is so freaking good!!


These were just some of the highlights of my meals while in NYC! Of course I ate at many other places, but I wanted to share my favorites! I cannot wait until I am living in New York and can make posts like this all the time for you all! I am finding how beautiful a concept food is and all of the life and joy that surrounds it! I absolutely love to step out of the box and try new places and foods, but I clearly also have my favorites that I love to order everywhere I go as well! I hope you enjoyed reading about some of these healthy food cafes and fun, crazy food spots as well! Until next time!


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