Fall Festivies

Ah, fall… The most beautiful season of the year, especially here in Minnesota. The crisp, cool air, the football games, the fuzzy clothes and warm boots, beautiful colors, the perfect weather for coffee and cocoa, apple picking, pumpkin activities, and to top it all: It means that the holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving food babies and Christmas cookie bellies, here I come! If you know anything about me, you know I am a fall-loving, pumpkin-spice-flavored-anything obsessed freak. In fact, I am an all-around holiday fanatic! It is who I am. I love this time of year more than anything else in the world! After waking up to some snow this morning, I refused to believe that autumn is over just yet… I mean, I have only been able to do half of the fall things that I had planned! That is why I decided to put together this fun little post highlighting all the best activities to spend time doing during the fall! There is nothing that feels more right than embracing the season by truly taking time to enjoy it with one of these many different, autumn-inspired festivities! (Don’t get me wrong though, I am more excited for this snow than most people are for the pizza delivery guy to show up… but I could use even just one more week of fall! Although I think judging by the outside world here in Hibbing, winter is here to stay. However, I thought I would still share this post anyways!)

Pumpkin Carving

An old classic! There is nothing more fun than getting together with some friends and a few pumpkins and getting creative with crazy faces and pictures. It is always a bonus when you take the extra time to dig the seeds out of your pumpkin guts and then roast them afterwards for a tasty treat!

Fall Baking

Baking during the fall could be justified by the aromas alone, let alone the actual treat that you get to enjoy when it’s all said and done! There are hundreds of options out there for treat options! Some of my favorites include pumpkin bread with some kind of cream cheese, apple pie or apple crisp, and traditional Pillsbury sugar cookies (the Halloween edition, of course). This can make for a solo activity or you can turn it into a big baking party with all of your friends for some bonding time! Either way, it isn’t truly fall without some kind of baked goodies to show for it!


Fall Photoshoots

The colors during this season are more breathtaking than during any other time of the year, no questions asked. So, I always try and grab a friend at least once every year and get some photos to capture the beauty of the season to accompany our own beauty. I suggest you all do this while there are still some leaves left on the trees, your beauty is one that deserves to be captured!


Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

Do you even truly experience fall if you don’t visit a pumpkin patch? This is such a must-do! I find that visiting the pumpkin patch is most fun when I am with my family because they make a fun experience all the more memorable. So round-up whoever you can from your family, or even your friends, and go find a patch! Don’t miss out on the food, all the fun animals, the mud, the corn mazes, the hayrides, and of course: the pumpkin picking!


Apple Picking

Sadly, picking apples is one of the few things I haven’t gotten to try this year. I am pretty bummed about this one because apples are my favorite fruit. I tend to eat at least one a day. Although, in the fall, I have about three a day because they are so in-season right now! (I am a die-hard Honeycrisp fan.) However, if you ever get a chance to go to an orchard, please do it and enjoy every minute of the experience!

Cozying Up

This is one of my favorite things to do during the chilly seasons! On nights when you are feeling like a home-body, what is better than throwing on an oversized sweater, some really fuzzy socks, wrapping up in your warmest blanket, making a warm cup of cocoa, snuggling next to your fireplace with your dog, and turning on a Halloween movie? Nothing. Nothing is better than this.

Enjoying Soup and/or Chili

I eat soup and chili year-round, but there is something magical about eating it during both the fall and winter seasons. Having a warm bowl of butternut squash soup to warm your soul while the outside world is slowly freezing… it is such a happy feeling. The meal is so cozy, just as the seasons are, they make a perfect pair!

Lighting Candles

If you have never owned a pumpkin-scented candle from Bath and Body Works, I feel sorry for you. My bedroom must have around 20 candles in various places and they are all fall-scents. You cannot have a true fall aesthetic without the flicker of Caramel Pumpkin Swirl on your bookshelf with a scent so delightful that it causes you to head to the kitchen to begin baking some pumpkin muffins with caramel in the middle.

Listening to Fall Playlists

Yet another must for the perfect fall aesthetic. I love listening to music that is built around the environment. I have a Spotify account and follow people who make bomb playlists that I can listen to year-round and specifics for certain times of the year or certain moods I am in. A few of my current favorites that truly transform any ordinary room into an autumn wonderland would be these three: october sweetness, sweater weather, and october. (The period is apart of the title of the last playlist.) None of these are playlists that I created, they are all ones that belong to some of my favorite Instagrammers who also have amazing taste in music.

Collecting Leaves

So many people underestimate the fun that collecting leaves can be. It is so enjoyable to head out on a walk and be mindful of your surroundings. You don’t necessarily need to collect leaves, but just notice them their beauty (of course you could collect some if you would like, just don’t pick any that are still alive)! I like to take photos of all the leaves that catch my eye, and by the end of the season, I tend to have a full album dedicated to leaves alone.

Corn Mazes

Usually, you go through corn mazes when you are at a pumpkin patch, but I decided that this one is so fun and so it needed to have its own little section! Is it really fall if you haven’t gotten lost within a large field of cornstalks? For the past fews years, Lizzy and I have taken our niece and nephew through a maze everytime we go to the patch. It is so fun to run around and not quite know where you are, it is like being inside of a giant puzzle that you need to find your way out of while getting full of mud at the same time.

Football Games

This one isn’t for everyone, but it is football season, and most people love to watch football, so I added it to the list! I used to be a fan, but I no longer go out of my way to make it to many games as I am more of a ‘I could bake or watch a movie instead’ type of gal. However, it is too much of  a fall necessity to not include it!

Halloween Movie Marathons

NOSTALGIA HERE WE COME! Yes, it is fun to watch new movies, but the best is turning on the old classics. Getting cozy with friends, warm drinks, and then turning on Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, or maybe Casper. There is nothing that could bring back the feeling of being a child, watching the same movies, more than movie marathons. Nothing could ever top that nostalgic ‘feeling like a kid again’ feeling.

Make a ‘Thankful For’ Project

Working on being thankful everyday is a task that I have been tackling for quite some time now, always keeping in mind how blessed I am in every situation. However, during this time of the year, I think that being thankful is something that becomes even more important because Thanksgiving and Christmas are here! They represent a time when we are to be extra thankful and realize how much the Lord does for us! So every year I try and come up with a project, whether it be as simple as a list, or as extravagant as a crazy art project, to keep me mindful of how many blessings I have. This year, it has been writing down, daily, three things I am thankful for. Last year, I had a special jar. Everyday I would write something down and put in into the jar, to keep me reminded of all my blessings.


This is very vague. I just wanted to throw in this point: You can find basically any and everything in a pumpkin flavor during the September, October, and November months, and you need to embrace them all. I love trying new pumpkin products whether they are foods, drinks, candles, perfumes, or other crazy inventions that genuses continue to come out with every year! I hope you enjoy them as well!

Savoring Warm Drinks

This corresponds with the same idea of eating some warm soup. However, not only should you drink warm and cozy beverages, you need to drink the fall flavored ones. Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Chai Tea or Chai Tea Lattes, and Caramel Apple Tea… They will all take your tastebuds on a fun, fall journey that’ll leave you wanting more! It is so fun to get dressed up in a warm scarf and boots and meet your best friend at a coffee shop for some bonding time while sipping one of these fall beverages. You will feel as though you are the epitome of fall (bonus if you go on an extremely chilly day when the beverage can double as a hand-warmer).

Nature Walks

Along the same lines of collecting leaves, but this is less about only noticing the leaves alone, but all the beauty that nature has to offer during this time of year. Not only that, but also enjoying the gorgeous weather while you still can before the snow falls. I love to take my dog for walks, leave my phone at home, and just walk for an hour or so being very mindful of my surroundings and mother nature.

Apple Bobbing

Yet another activity that I haven’t yet gotten to do, although I haven’t actually gotten to do this for a few years! Apple bobbing is a lost art that I feel is getting quite a lot less popular, but is still so fun! You may think it is very simple, but buy some apples that are very slick and throw em into a large bucket of water and you will feel defeated (or maybe I am just really bad at it?). Either way, apple bobbing needs to make a comeback, or maybe I just need to get out more to some Halloween parties that still host this activity!


Sitting around a warm fire, roasting some marshmallows… it is such an enjoyable way to spend a cold night. There has never been bonfire that I haven’t enjoyed myself at. I love when my whole family used to get together when I was a child! My uncle on his guitar, my aunts and mom telling stories, my sister, cousins, and I stealing all the chocolate bars… what a memorable way to spend your time.

DIY Fall Crafts

If you head over to Pinterest, you will be in no shortage of possible crafts to try. There are thousands of ideas that involve leaves, pumpkins, candles, turkeys, and so much more. If you can imagine it, there will be some kind of ‘How-To’ on Pinterest for it! If you have younger kids in your family, this one is especially fun to do with them! I love pulling out old crafts from my childhood to decorate the house with and reminisce on at the same time.

Family Time

Spending time with your family is a year-round thing, I realize this. However, just like everything else during this time of year, it becomes much more magical. Time with your family transforms into something even more special when it happens during the September-December months just because you’re not only with your favorite, lifelong friends, but you get to do your favorite activities while being with them, enjoying their company.


Read a New Book

So many folks claim to not like reading, but they are the ones who just haven’t yet found a book for them yet. Their is a story out there for us all, we just need to find it! What better time to start searching than in autumn when you can take your book to a cafe and enjoy your favorite pumpkin drink while diving into chapter one?


Some of my best childhood memories come from those fun weekend nights when my mom would pull out the boxes of decorations from the basement! Within hours, Lizzy and I would have the house looking as though Halloween threw up all over the place, as we also did for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc… No matter which holiday it is for, having a family night where you get your house ready for the upcoming celebrations and enjoying each other’s company along with treats, you will be extremely blessed with those memories for your entire life.

Holiday Shopping

This one can be such a blessing! Going out with your friends and family to look at what the stores have on their shelves for the current holiday is so much fun! There is no better way to get in the spirit for the fall than buying a new mug and some pumpkin flavored coffee to sip from it! As the holiday season progresses, it is so refreshing to head over to the mall (especially on Black Friday) and pick out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! I love the feeling of finding something for someone that you know will speak to their soul perfectly!

I realize that only about half of these are true fall activities, the other half being activities that can be taken part in at any point during the holiday season! These next few months are the absolute most wonderful, magical of the entire years! That is why I love to take advantage of all the amazing activities that are available to us. So what are you waiting for? Find a few family members or friends, pick an activity and begin to fully indulge in the season, making memories that’ll last a lifetime while experiencing what it really means to take part in the present moment!


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