What does it mean to ‘live healthy’?

One of the things that I have always valued so highly in my life is keeping myself healthy. My body does so much for me every single day. My brain allows me to do well in school, my legs allow me to go for runs…..in fact, the whole purpose of my cells are to keep me alive and thriving!  My body is working around the clock to give me energy, so I love to put in the work I can to take care of it as well.

So what does it mean to “live healthy”?

In my opinion, I feel like my best and my healthiest self when I combine a number of different things:

  1. Exercise- I try and get my body moving for about an hour a day! Some days that means I will go to the gym and lift some weights, other days I will go for a run outside, and some days I may even just take my dog for a walk! Anything to get my body moving and allow myself to work up a bit of sweat.
  2. Nutrition- My body and my mind feel the best when I am properly fueling them. Now don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate as much as the next person, but I try and do it in a healthy and balanced way. Most days I try and get meals that are full of whole foods. I love fruits, vegetables, whole grains, yogurts, eggs, and chicken and fish as my main protein sources. I also love fat-filled foods such as avocados and peanut-butter. However it is so important to treat yourself as well because you deserve it; you are still human and it important to satisfy your cravings… and most of us have quite a sweet tooth! As part of my journey to try and start eating more natural foods, I go for all natural chocolate! I totally suggest the brand Eating Evolved! Their motto is that chocolate is food, not a treat! And it is so true!! Another part of this is to make sure to stay hydrated! Your body and brain cannot function properly if they do not have that H2O in their doing its’ thing!
  3. Self Care- One thing people often neglect is to take time for themselves on their health journey. Setting aside time once a day, whether ten minutes or an hour, is so beneficial to your mental health. Some of my all time favorite forms of self-care is journaling!! Giving myself the ability to write down whatever I am feeling really allows me to connect with myself more and truly understand what it is that is happening in my crazy mind! Another great form for me is taking time to read in my Bible and to connect with God, his love will always leave you feeling important! Self-care is anything that makes you feel good! Whether it is to take a bath, read a good book, treating yourself to the spa or a new pair of shoes! Never neglect this part of your mental health.
  4. The Zzzzzzzzzz’s- Sleep!! Sleep is so important for your overall health! It affects both your physical and mental well being. Without the right amount of sleep you will not have energy for your brain to function and you will be a grouch!
  5. Socialization- This is also a big one in my opinion. Yes, I would consider myself an introvert of sorts, however I still find times to spend with others! This can mean your friends, or your family, or heck-even the random person behind you at the grocery store!! I know that just by talking to other people that I feel a hundred times better and energized. Being around others just lifts me up and really inspires me to be my best self!


Do you want to know one of the best things about living healthy? There is no right or wrong way to do it!! You just finished, (I am assuming), reading my list of what I consider to be healthy living, but that does not mean that that is what your list has to look like. Health is not a ‘one size fits all’ but rather it is a ‘you’re going to have to get this specifically tailored to your size’ type of deal. What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for your neighbor. That is the cool thing though; health is whatever you make of it! If you feel great when you practice yoga every morning and have a smoothie bowl afterwards, then that is amazing! But if you love to go to the gym and pump iron and then refuel with a 6 ounce steak and raw eggs, do that! (Well okay.. Maybe not raw eggs…) But you get the picture! Health is not about comparison. It is not ‘I saw this girl doing this on social media, so I am going to do it too!’ Health is whatever you feel best doing! Instead of comparing yourself to others, find what works for you personally! Your body is a unique machine, almost like your car key. You wouldn’t walk up to your mom’s car and try putting your key into the door, because it is not going to open the car! (If it does however, you may want to have someone check that out…) Instead you only ever use your key on your car, because it is the only car that the key will unlock. That is the way your health works. You may see somebody running 8 miles a day, but if your legs can only carry you 3 miles do not feel bad. Do not tell yourself that you aren’t ‘good enough’ but rather that running isn’t your thing, and that is totally okay! There is something out there that you are great at that someone else only dreams of! So what is my advice to you when it comes to living healthy? It is to play around, maybe you’ll have to experiment a bit, but in the end just take part in the activities, and feed your body with the things that bring you health and happiness.


With that all being said I plan to hopefully start sharing recipes, meals, workouts, and tips for my ideas on how to live healthy soon! All that along with all the lifestyle topics such as school, travel, day-to-day life, my recommendations, and so much more with you all! If you enjoy reading my blog you can subscribe at the bottom of the page! Thank you all, and I hope you’re having an amazing week as of thus far(:


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