Sweet Potato Bowl

Do you ever wake up in the morning and crave something different than your normal go-to breakfast? I face this problem almost every week… I enjoy a certain meal for a bit, but then it gets boring and soon I am looking for something new! But I have found one morning meal that I have not yet gotten tired of, every morning it is as delicious as the first: Sweet potato bowls!! They are very healthy and offer good carbs, protein, and fat for you to get loads of energy to help fuel your activities for the day!

What you will need:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Any type of nut butter
  • Sweet potato
  • Toppings that include any type of spice (I love cinnamon), granola is also a wonderful pair (I suggest Purely Elizabeth), or anything else that your heart desires!


This breakfast is fast and simple! You can either steam your potato (as I did in the cover photo) or you can roast it (as I did shown below). If you will be in a time crunch in the morning, as many of us are, it is best to prepare and chill the sweet potato overnight! Otherwise this step can be done it the morning. If you prepare it in the morning you have the option to chill it or to keep or potato warm (my personal favorite!). Whether it is steamed, mashed, hot, or chilled, the rest is a piece of cake! Just scoop your greek yogurt into your bowl along with the potato. Next add your nut butter of choice (I am a peanut-butter girl all the way) and then add toppings!

This is a very flexible recipe! For instance I often will do cottage cheese instead of yogurt!  Another personal favorite of mine is to switch sweet potato for acorn squash! The options are endless! I hope you all enjoy this healthy and quick breakfast idea! Have a great week(:



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